Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tacky Christmas Party

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Is it seriously December 17th? It seems like no matter how hard I try, I just CAN'T get into the Christmas spirit this year! I guess it's because I've spent the entire month of December studying for final exams (glad that's over!) I was looking forward to the end of finals week so that Travis and I could hit up our first "Tacky Christmas Party." We had a really great time and I was loving everybody's  tacky sweaters. Corissa and Scottie were great hosts. So I thought I'd share some pictures from our get together.

A picture of our host :)

She really had some of the most beautiful Christmas decorations EVER. I LOVE the big tree!

Check out the 11 days until Christmas sign. LOVE

Of course they had a UK tree, Go Cats!

Travis and I showing off our Tacky Sweaters

All of the girls tried to take a  group picture, but it was hard to stay serious!

Andrea and I were having some serious issues keeping it together

We finally got a decent group picture

We had a really good time, and I think I'm feelin' the Christmas spirit a little more this year. I'll have to kick it into gear in the next week to maximize my Christmas time. I think I'll start with some Christmas movies. 

I could use a little snow too, just sayin'


  1. Glad the party lifted your Christmas spirits!! Her tree really is gorgeous!

  2. haha I love Tacky Christmas sweater parties! They are so fun and people always get so creative! You're tree is so pretty!

    1. I know, everyone was so creative with their outfits. They are definitely fun parties :)

  3. Ugly Christmas sweaters are the best! We all wear ours on Christmas day opening presents and it always a ton of fun. :) You have such a beautiful decorated Christmas tree as well, it's so pretty and looks so cheerful!

  4. That sounds like so much fun, a funny alternative to Christmas PJ's. That is actually my friend's tree and she did an AMAZING job decorating, I agree :)


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