Monday, January 21, 2013

Glitz and Glam: Fashion Inspiration

Who doesn't love Blake Lively? I'm a huge fan and I love her even more now because she's picked up that hottie husband of hers.

Her fashion is So fabulous.

I ran across this look and couldn't pass it up. I already had the blue pants and I was looking for a great combo to wear with them.

It must have been fate because I purchased a gold blazer for SUPER cheap from forever 21 about a day before I ran across these lovely pictures of Blake. (I doubt we're on a first name basis, but I pretend we are).
So, I give her all the due credit. She's my fashion inspiration for this one.

Now, apparently this look was circa 2010 ish but I'm bringing it back. We all know electric blue is cool and we all know I'm never going to pass up something that glitters.

Jacket: Forever 21
White Shirt: JC Penney
Blue Pants: Belk
Leopard Flats: so old I have no clue
Necklace: ILY couture

I LOVE this necklace. It was a Christmas gift from husband. You can buy it here

What do ya think?

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  1. love your version of this look and i agree that cobalt blue is still very much on trend
    i am wearing similar pants myself today
    thanks for stopping by from the YOLO linkup

  2. you bring it back girl, love it :)
    brooke @ what2wear

  3. Looks great! Thanks for following... returning the favor! Can't wait to read more about you! :)

  4. OH my gosh, Rebecca!! You better WORK this outfit. Love it. And two are totally on a first name basis :-) Does she have twitter? you should tweet her this pic!

    1. Thanks girl!! I can't fnd her on twitter and I'm devastated, mainly because Ryan Reynolds is such a hottie and I was hoping for pictures.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you SO much! It turned out better than planned

  6. Hey, I'm a new follower of your cute blog. I love this inspiration and how you put it together! I have been wanting to get some of those blue pants! You rock them. :)


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