Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Love Cheap Jewelry

It's true...

My husband calls them my "trinkets." That's probably pretty accurate. I've always had a thing for mass quantities of cheap jewelry. No really, my parents would buy me hundreds of cheap rings from oriental trading when I was like 7. Anyway, I digress....

I did have all of my cheap jewelry jumbled up in my jewelry box, making it very inaccessible. I needed something elegant to display my little trinkets to myself in the mornings when putting together my outfit.

At first I was looking at cake plates or silver trays. But before I dished out the cash for one of those things, my aunt offered me a piece to use.

and TA-DA! It's perfect

If you don't have any pretty, recyclable pieces, I suggest going to a thrift store. There are some BEAUTIFUL pieces at some of our local stores for under $20. 

I also found these online

Cake Plate from for $28.99

Gold 2 Tier Server from for $32.99

There are lots of choices in almost every price range. 

Happy Trinket Organizing :)

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