Friday, February 22, 2013

High Five for Friday: Food & Drinks

Wow.. is it seriously Friday? I have no idea where my time goes. Well, I kind of do but I feel like I blink and another week has passed!

This was a super busy school week, hence my lack of daily posting. It looks like I'm going to be occupied until my one week break in April. 

I did get to enjoy valentine's day with my husband and our good friends Daniel and Lindsay last week. (I know, I know..I'm only a week late on that update.) It was the highlight of my week!! Every year we go to a restaurant called Malone's and have a special v-day dinner. I love our little tradition!

Daniel & Lindsay
I'd also like to mention that they have the cutest baby ever...seriously. This kid is beyond precious

Travis & Me
For some reason I look like I've just run a marathon. I can assure you, I didn't.

The second highlight of my week, Malone's spinach & artichoke dip. Now folks, this is no ordinary dip. The tortilla chips are actually fried lasagna noodles. This dish is heavenly, but I'm glad we only do this on rare occasions. 

Yes...this is a polar pop. You might ask why this polar pop made it onto my blog. For starters, my week was so boring it was unprecedented. If I were to chronicle the week, there would be fifty pictures of textbooks and stacks of papers. 
A serious event took place this week.

 I decided I was going to quit drinking soda. In addition to this, I began strictly counting calories all while having a very busy school week.

Needless to say this lasted approximately 24 hours. Who am I kidding? My life revolves around diet coke. 

This did last longer than my recent vow to give up shopping which lasted for a whopping 12 hours. A personal record.

How was your week?

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  1. Love a good double date with good friends. And that dip looks delicious. Lasagna noodles? Who would have thought!


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