Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Party!

I'm so excited to be participating in this FANTASTIC Valentine's Day Blog Link Up Party hosted by some fabulous ladies. I originally found the link up through Lauren from the Grey Desk Blog. 

We were paired with another blogger whom we got to know throughout the month.

My Pair Up was with Rikki from Thirsty Nerdy Cats. This girl is GREAT. We found out we had plenty in common. We even lived in the same state for a while. She also shares my love for UK sports and Randall Cobb. Just so happens, I'm a lover of the Green Bay Packers. Pretty Cool.

Anywho, Rikki has also JUST launched a new blog and YOU need to check it out. She is a book, wine, and cat lover and blogs about it all. A great triad in my opinion.

Now, for the interesting part. Rikki and I have thought for the past 24 hours that my gift was missing. I was even searching for it in the dark last night. FedEx was on the top of our bad list. BUT, no worries. I found her package waiting for me this morning on the porch next door.

She sent me a creative, WONDERFUL gift that I can't wait to enjoy. Inside my box were tons of little goodies. As we've gotten to know each other, she has found out how busy I am. SO, she sent me a little card telling me the goodies were for me to "indulge in some me time." I have some lotion, bubble bath, sleep mask, lip gloss, nail polish, candle, note cards, and some DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookies. My goodies are all Strawberry Champagne scented and smell fantastic. 

I can't wait for the "me" time. It has been such a pleasure getting to know Rikki. So you should check out all of the different blogs out there. There are tons of great people waiting to meet you!


  1. So glad you liked everything! The cookies are my favorite thing to make in the entire world. Talk about indulging in some me time.

    I'm not going to lie - I think I'm going to miss you now that the swap is done. I've talked (aka emailed) you more than anyone else in the last week or so!

    1. The cookies were Delicious!! All the gifts were great, I'm going to use that sparkly nail polish to accent pink nails I think (I've been brainstorming).

      I'm going to miss you too. We will keep in touch (I love getting e-mails!)


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