Friday, February 15, 2013

My top 5 spring picks + H54F

I've been perusing all of my fashion outlets for the upcoming spring trends. I must say, I've not found a trend yet that I'm not liking.

After sorting through all of my magazines and favorite web inspirations, I've put together some of my favorite looks featuring Spring 2013 trends.

Let's hope I haven't missed the mark... (If I have does that make me a trendsetter? I'll keep telling myself that.)

There's nothing I love more than a classy black/white look. I love the leather skirts that are on trend right now. I also ADORE the peplum tops. They are really flattering too (that can't hurt, right?) Forgive me for the Tory Burch obsession. It's a medical condition.

I have always been a huge fan of green. So when I heard that emerald green was THE spring color, I was pretty pumped. This dress can't hardly be classified as emerald green, but I loved it.

Lace is another big look right now. I thought it looked wonderful incorporated with a little color. I think color blocking is fabulous, especially with girly colors. This ring was a great find on polyvore. YES to statement rings! (side note: OPI Cajun Shrimp is hands down the best color created!)

Stripes as well as Black/White combo's are everywhere right now. I love this look because it isn't too trendy. Black and White will always be a superb choice. Classy, I like.

Last but definitely not least. I think this look is my favorite. Military Jackets are in right now and I think they look fantastic. They add an earthy look to anything. So, I paired this one with some other neutrals. I loved the statement sweaters this year so I added that with the ankle boots. And of course anything Louis could never be wrong.

So, what do YOU think about these looks?

To find the links to these pieces check out my Polyvore page

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  1. You are absolutely a trendsetter, Rebecca!!

    I'm kind of excited about this whole black and white thing because, well, I wear it all the time!!

    1. Thanks, Ashley. You are so sweet! I'm super pumped about this black and white business too!!

  2. Great looks for Spring!

  3. I love that emerald dress! such gorgeous outfits. new follower! hope you're having a happy weekend!


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