Sunday, April 28, 2013

Summer Essentials

Recently I went to Atlanta (read about it here) and did a little summer shopping. Yes--I know I was technically on a "shopping ban," but I couldn't go to a shopping wonderland and NOT buy a couple of pieces! The shopping ban did last 17 days which was pretty fabulous for me if I do say so myself.

Long story short, the shopping ban was broken but I got some great pieces. Plus, I'm initiating the ban again starting today (that makes it ok, right?).

atlanta haul

Onto my purchases. The pictures above are not the exact items/brands I bought, but they are extremely close.

  • I bought two pairs of chinos from Gap in hot pink and white. I'm super excited about these because they are a great fit and a really light material
  • Gap also had some great fitting v-neck t shirts. I bought one in mint (of course) and lavender - a new favorite. With some jewelry, I think these will make cute combos with the chinos.
  • This is NOT the maxi dress I bought, mine actually came from the loft outlet. It's a navy/paisley combo and I love. I'm also loving this old navy maxi dress shown above. 
  • I bought a skirt similar to the one shown above from old navy. It was on clearance for $11 and  perfect fit. I couldn't pass it up!
  • Finally, I'm in love with these sandals. The ones pictured above are from target. Mine are very similar, but I bought them from Marshall's for $19.99. 
I'm super excited about my summer staples, now I'm ready for some 70 degree weather to wear them!

What summer staples are you loving?

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  1. Those glittery sandals are darling!

    1. I LOVE them. The pair I bought from marshall's are real leather and have a super comfortable sole for $19.99. You should check them out!

  2. Old Navy clearance is seriously great! And I totally couldn't go to Atlanta and not get something!!

    1. Yes it is! I felt it was just wrong to not buy a few essentials in Atlanta :)

  3. I love white pants and the skirt is adorable. What's even great is the price! :) Where do you live by the way? I can't remember. Oh and by the way, I used the TJ Maxx gift card for some awesome running gear so thank you!! :)

    1. I know, you can't beat $12! I live in Kentucky. Glad you got some good gear :)

  4. Love the skirt!!!
    Come and see me and If you want we can follow each others?:€


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